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What is Afropop Music?

Afropop Music (or African popular music) is as vast and varied as the continent of its roots. African popular music isn’t so much as a genre in itself, as a mixture of lots of other genres – jazz, blues, rumba type stuff – you dig the rhythm?  This music was largely taken to America by the African Slaves, and the result is a wonderful kind of mish-mash of rhythms and sounds which all go towards making up Afropop music.

Representative Afropop Musicians

Representative Afropop Musicians are as widely diverse as the music itself. Kuze Kuze is very popular (watch the video in a minute, it’s terrific) as well as the brilliant Salif Keita and the Brazilian born Middah.

There are loads of different genres of music which all have Afropop at their roots . . . from Afrobeat to Kuduro to Semba and beyond. Never heard of them? Well, that’s why this websites here, to educate ya!

Did that get yer hips aswaying? Well, how about this one then . . .

Great isn’t it? I love it.

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