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Avant-Garde de la Save 1930

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What is Avant-Garde Music

Avant-Garde Music is the type of stuff which is widely recognized to be well ahead of its time (a bit like Avant Garde fashion and film makers etc). The real music history buffs generally refer to Avant Garde music as the post-1945 modern styles of “arty music”, and moving into the 1950’s it’s generally used to mean serial music. These days if anyone mentions Avant Garde music they’ll probably mean something which is modernist but can’t be pigeon holed in the “experimental music” box.

Representative Avant-Garde Musicians

These days musicians like cellist Zoe Keating are largely regarded to be keeping Avant Garde music alive, as well as the Internet legend (to many) Herbert Midgley.

Seems to me like an ideal candidate for our Unusual, Weird, Cool, Interesting, Umm . . . Music Videos of the Week – 2011


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