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What is Blues Music

Blues Music is both a form and a genre of music, it’s in your soul man, and if it ain’t there you ain’t got no soul! Rising up from the Deep South towards the end of the 19th century,  its origins are deeply embedded in the African-American communities of the era with their work songs, spiritual songs, shouts, chants and hollers.  Blues music is sad and melancholy, in fact, if you have a case of “the blues” it generally means you’re depressed.

Representative Blues Music Musicians

Lots of significant performers from other musical genres have “dabbled in the blues” recording songs with a distinctive blue feel. People like Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and Bob Dylan have all performed blues songs, but the list of original blues musicians would have to include Charley Patton, Skip James and Georgia Tom Dorsey. This led on to the 1950’s where such icons as Ray Charles, James Brown and Sam Cooke used elements of blues and gospel in their music – remember “The Blues Brothers”? Sure you do, and they were all in it!

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Those were the days!

How many familiar faces did you spot? Woweee . . . it don’t get much better than that!

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