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Country Blues

After the Rain (Muddy Waters album)

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What is Country Blues Music

Country Blues Music has lots of other names too – rural blues, folk blues, downhome blues and backwoods blues, but unlike the piano based Boogie-Woogie, it is generally blues music which is played on the acoustic guitar. Once the Blues was born in Southern United States it’s popularity spread like wildfire, with lots of regional styles being developed along the way.  Country blues music was played by both black folk and white folk, with influences from other styles like religious music, early jazz and ragtime – it was generally regarded as blues music with a good time feel.

Representative Country Blues Musicians

Country Blues Musicians have great names, well, some of them at least, that really define the “country” part of the genre – we’re talking people like Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup, Mississippi John Hurt, Sleepy John Estes and Lightnin’ Hopkins, not forgetting Muddy Waters and “Homesick James” Williamson.

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