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Delta Blues

Elmore James

Cover of Elmore James

What is Delta Blues Music

Delta Blues Music is one of the original blues music sounds, originating from the Mississippi Delta – an area famous for fertile soil and poverty, as well as music of course. The most dominant instruments used in Delta Blues music are harmonicas, guitars and cigar box guitars (home made – well, I’ve already told you that there was a lot of poverty in the Mississippi Delta),  singing songs which are soulful or, alternatively fiery and passionate. The first recordings of delta blues music date right back to the late 1920’s, usually a lone performer singing and playing an instrument at the same time.

Representative Delta Blues Musicians

Delta Blues musicians largely moved away from the Delta to places like Chicago and Detroit (predecessors to the Chicago blues style).  In fact, some delta blues musicians like Elmore James and Skip James weren’t born in the Delta at all, but that didn’t stop them from becoming renowned delta blues musicians. Other delta blues musicians include people like John Lomax and his son Alan, Willie Brown, Son House and Robert Johnson.

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It all sounds pretty soulful to me . . .

Did you notice the cigar box guitar? Cool . . .

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