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Fife and Drum Blues

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What is Fife and Drum Blues Music

“Oh soldier soldier will you marry me with your musket, fife and drum . . . ” well, forget the musket, far too dangerous, but fife and drum blues music is another derivation of the traditional country blues. Typically there’s one person playing the fife (a little flute type instrument) and a bunch of drummers.¬† It’s not just like a drum corps though, their might be tom, snare and bass drum players in a fife and drum blues music band. Generally this sort of music was played at family get togethers and big communal picnics – that sort of thing, great fun and lots of dancing. The songs fall mainly into two categories – either the call and response type of song which is prevalent in black spiritual music, or short repeating lyrics so that everybody soon knew the words.

Representative Fife and Drum Blues Musicians

Fife and Drum blues musicians of note include Dan Emmett, Napoleon Strickland and Jessie Mae Hemphill.

It definitely has an African – American¬†feel to it, don’t you think?

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