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Jump Blues

Brian Setzer live at Salzburg, 2006

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 What is Jump Blues Music

Jump blues music is up-tempo and lively blues music, usually played by musicians with horns – I’m not talking about the devil or Billy the Kid – ha ha, get it, Billy the Kid, I’m just too good for this place, anyway, I’m talking horn musical instruments not things sticking out from your head next to your ears. Jump blues music was really popular during the 1940’s and had a bit of a revival during the ’90’s too.

Representative Jump Blues Musicians

Jump blues music was originally played by people like Lucky Millinder and Lionel Hampton back in the 1940’s, with other musicians like Earl Bostic, Arnett Cobb and Louis Jordan.  During the late 1980’s and 1990’s it was artists such as Brian Setzer and Joe Jackson who really helped with the revival, and bands like The Blue Suburbans and Roomful of Blues are still at it. The Mighty Blue Kings, although not strictly a jump blues band did play a lot of jump blues stuff too.

That was good wasn’t it? That track was actually recorded by Louis Jordan.

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