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Piano Blues

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What is Piano Blues Music

Piano Blues music is blues music which is predominantly played on – the piano . . . Boogie Woogie is a kind of piano blues music, probably the best known type, but other types include rock and roll, swing and R&B – yes, they’re all kinds of piano blues.

Representative Piano Blues Musicians

Piano blues pianists include Ray Charles, Roosevelt Sykes and Memphis Slim. When Martin Scorsese filmed an episode of a documentary series called Piano Blues, it was directed by none other than Clint Eastwood – not so surprising I hear you think (I’m clever like that), but maybe you weren’t aware that Clint Eastwood is a real fan of piano blues music and quite an accomplished jazz pianist himself.

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Nobody said it had to be fast . . . Awesome touch . . .

That’s from the documentary I was telling you about . . .

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