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What is Country Music

What is country music? What kind of a question is that? Well, in case you’ve been abducted by aliens and lived on another planet for about 500 years I’ll tell you, country music, otherwise known as country & western (are you getting it yet) is the traditional music of the United States of Good Ole America which started to develop around 1920 and it ain’t stopped growing yet. Lots of other genres of music have developed, but for many, the original will always be the best. It just seems that people never tire of country music, they don’t tire of listening to it, singing it or, more importantly, buying it. Garth Brooks is a pretty good example of that, at the last count he’d sold around 128 million albums of it making him the second best solo selling artist in the entire history of the US (after Elvis, he was pretty good at country music too).

Representative Country Music Musicians

Well, I’ve already told you about a couple of them, and nobody can say that they’re not representative . . .  Let’s see, who else might you have heard of – how about the singing cowboys stars of the Hollywood movies, Roy Rogers and Gene Autry, if you haven’t heard of them you’d better ask your Grandma, she’ll know.  Then of course there’s always Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers and Johnny Cash. Lots of these artists crossed over into other sub-genres if you like, but the country music roots were always there.

Can’t believe he’s been gone for more than 30 years . . .

Remember that? I bet you still dance to it at parties . . . go on, admit it! I do, every chance I get!

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