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Alternative Country

Gram Parsons.
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What is Alternative Country Music

Alternative Country Music is a sub-genre of country music, which is basically anything which differs from the normal mainstream country music or pop country music. It can be used to describe the music of bands which have been influenced by many different types of music, bluegrass, honky-tonk, folk rock, rockabilly and even punk. Just like alternative rock, the term alternative country music was used in the 1990’s to describe singers and musicians who were country musicians with a little bit of difference. Many of them were turning their backs on the Nashville scene which was increasingly interested in high production and commercial pop song success.

Representative Alternative Country Musicians

Alternative Country Music was largely influenced by people like Hank Williams, Woody Guthrie and The Carter Family. The country rock influence of alternative country music was influenced by the likes of Michael Nesmith and Gram Parsons. Other bands which were celebrated alternative country musicians in the beginning, although some did tend to lean more towards rock music in the 2000’s, was bands like Blood Oranges, Blue Mountain and Bloodshot.

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