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Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash
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What is Americana Music

Americana Music is an amalgamation of many root musics which all go to make up the ethos of American music – all of the sounds merged from country, folk, rock and roll, rhythm and blues and any other influential American music styles. Americana music is sometimes referred to as alternative country or sometimes alt. country. According to the Americana Music Association (AMA), Americana music is “American roots music based on the traditions of country. While the musical model can be traced back to the Elvis Presley marriage of ‘hillbilly music’ and R&B that birthed rock ‘n roll, Americana as a radio format developed during the 1990s as a reaction to the highly polished sound that defined the mainstream music of that decade.”

Representative Americana Musicians

Americana Music is represented by many significant artists, including Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter Cash. Creedence Clearwater Revival, Loretta Lynn, Uncle Tupelo and Tommy Womack are others who were all part of this wonderful musical style.

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