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Progressive Bluegrass

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What is Progressive Bluegrass Music

Progressive Music originated from Bluegrass (as you might have guessed). It’s also known sometimes¬†as Newgrass. Many bands were instrumental (get it? instrumental) in the new music genre, when they started to use electric instruments and adapt songs from other music genres, – in particular rock & roll.¬† Progressive blueglass really has four very distinctive elements – instrumentation which frequently includes drums, piano and electric guitars, songs which were borrowed or copied from other genres (particularly rock and jazz), chord progressions which were not traditional, and last but not least, long periods of improvisation and “jamming”.

Representative Progressive Bluegrass Musicians

Progressive Bluegrass Music continues to be popular to this very day, largely because of innovative bands like Trampled By Turtles, Nickel Creek, Crooked Still and Yonder Mountain String Band. There’s still an array of very popular Progressive Bluegrass music festivals which helps very much to keep the sound alive.

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