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Traditional Bluegrass

Mac Wiseman
Cover of Mac Wiseman

What is Traditional Bluegrass Music

Traditional Bluegrass Music is keen to keep the traditional sound alive, and very much steers away from the electric guitars and sounds of Progressive bluegrass music. The Traditional Bluegrass bands play more folk songs, using acoustic instruments and simple traditional chord progressions. The guitar will rarely take the lead (except sometimes in gospel songs) and the lyrics and melodies are kept to a pretty simple style.

Representative Traditional Bluegrass Musicians

Traditional Bluegrass Music does also have kind of sub-sub genres, with the sounds of each band largely depending on which bluegrass band they take their inspiration from.  Those who sing in the Stanley Brothers style include Larry Sparks, Roy Lee Centers and The Wilson Brothers, whereas Curley Seckler and Willis Spears followed more in the style of Lester Flatt. Then there are the real “crooners” who were inspired by the style of Mac Wiseman, which includes Sid Campbell and Hylo Brown. Larry Stephenson, Blue Maggie and Hud Hadley were influenced strongly by the sounds of Jimmy Martin.

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