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What is Country Pop Music

Country Pop Music emerged in the 1970’s, as a sub-genre born out of country music and soft rock. It kind of refers to country music songs which made it successfully into the radio charts, the Top 40 and so on. Many original pop singers found increased fame in the country music charts, thinking (and very often proving) that by crossing over into the world of country music they would be able to widen their audience and achieve more success.

Representative Country Pop Musicians

Country Pop Musicians who successfully made the switch to achieve massive mainstream recognition include people like Glen Campbell, (his song Rhinestone Cowboy was one of the biggest to negotiate the crossover into country music history), as well as John Denver and Olivia Newton-John.  One of the most successful country pop performers of all time is Kenny Rogers, whose 1977 song “Lucille” topped the charts worldwide.  Some of the original artists from the 1960’s and 70’s then began to convert their style a little to fit into the “country pop” slot, including Dolly Parton (an extremely successful country artist) and Willie Nelson. More recently, Garth Crooks gained tremendous success in the 1990’s, and not forgetting Shania Twain and LeAnn Rimes have also achieved success with country pop music.

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