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Honky Tonk

What is Honky Tonk Music

Honky Tonk Music (or honkatonk, honkey-tonk and tonk) is what’s played in Honky Tonk bars. What are Honky Tonk bars? They’re where you listen to Honky Tonk music. . . simple. These Honky Tonk bars are popular in Southern and Southwestern United States and often consist¬†of a piano in the corner with a live musician tickling the ivories to a ragtime tune. I’m not sure where the term “honky tonk” comes from, but it’s a great word isn’t it? Or is it two words? Anyway, it really conjures up a scene of a smokey bar, a whiskey or two and some great music just how it should be played – LIVE. Honky Tonk music was actually a forerunner of boogie-woogie, oh, it just gets better and better.

Representative Honky Tonk Musicians

Honky Tonk Musicians of note include Fats Domino, the piano man of New Orleans who had terrific success with Blueberry Hill and Walkin’ to New Orleans. Of course, way before that Jelly Roll Morton was recording Honky Tonk Music in 1938, and Lux Lewis was even earlier, recording his big hit Honky Tonk Train Blues several times between the years of 1927 and the 50’s.¬† More recently, artists such as Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson brought Honky Tonk into the mainstream music radar of the 1990’s.

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