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Neotraditional Country

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What is Neotraditional Country Music

Neotraditional Country Music (or New Traditional Country) is kind of the new country music in the old traditional style, with an emphasis on the type of instrumental background we heard in the old originals and a traditional vocal country style. Many of the neotraditional country music singers actually dress in the old country music style too, like they did in the 40’s and 50’s – yeehaaaaa! Neotraditional country music was yet another shot at the blandness and commercialism which country music was suffering from, so in the 1980’s, Ricky Skaggs (an original Clinch Mountain Boy) decided to take country music right back to its roots, and instigated the re-birth of traditional country music. This was widely welcomed by many real country music lovers, and others soon followed in his footsteps.

Representative Neotraditional Country Musicians

Neotraditional Country Music was all down to Ricky Skaggs in the beginning, as mentioned above, but pretty soon there were plenty more who were only too happy to follow on – we’re talking Keith Whitley, who, although coming to a premature death in 1989 at the tender age of 34, is still highly regarded to be a major influence on neotraditional country music and is still an inspiration to many artists to this day.  Other artists who embraced the neotraditional country music style are Gail Davies, George Strait and Randy Travis.

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