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Progressive Country

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What is Progressive Country Music

Progressive Country Music is really a sub genre of Texas country music, which originated from Austin, Texas during the early 1970’s. Also known as “redneck rock” – wow, that sounds terrific, it was particularly influenced by the harder styles in country music, honky tonk, the Bakersfield sound and western swing.  Progressive country music did have quite a significant impact on the emergence of the whole alternative country movement in the 1980’s and 90’s.  Don’t get progressive country mixed up with progressive rock, because that’s something completely different.

Representative Progressive Country Musicians

Progressive Country Music was written and performed by songwriters like Jerry Jeff Walker and Michael Murphey, as well as the Lost Gonzo Band and other honky tonk and western swing musicians like Marcia Ball of Freda & The Firedogs, and Alvin Crow. Some outlaw country musicians from Nashville also crossed over from time to time, notably Willie Nelson and David Allan Coe.

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