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What is Rockabilly Music

Rockabilly Music is one of the very earliest styles of rock ‘n roll, from way back in the 1950’s. The word “rockabilly” is kind of a mixture of Rock n Roll and Hillbilly, and so is the music, although rockabilly music was also heavily influenced by boogie woogie and western swing, with a touch of rhythm and blues thrown in for good measure. Rockabilly did start to lose a little of its popularity during the 1960’s, but made a terrific comeback in the 70’s and 80’s and to this very day there’s a whole sub-culture of Rockabilly fans out there having the time of their lives.

Representative Rockabilly Musicians

Rockabilly Music really began during the 1950’s, and the release of many rockabilly songs is well documented. Elvis Presley had numerous rockabilly hits including the formidable “Heartbreak Hotel”, about the same time Johnny Cash released “Folsom Prison Blues” and Carl Perkins was singing about his “Blue Suede Shoes”.  “Whole lotta Shakin goin on” by Commodores and Roy Hall’s “See You Later Alligator” were other rockabilly releases of note. Not long afterwards Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison joined the Rockabilly party, not forgetting of course (well, you simply can’t forget – for a whole host of reasons) Jerry Lee Lewis.

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