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What is Jazz Music

Jazz Music (or “jass” as it was originally known) was a slang word, which was first used to talk about the Chicago music scene of around 1915.  The Southern United States are the real home of jazz, where the mixture of European and African musical traditions all mixed up nicely to form a recipe for some great music . . . jazz.  Since its birth, early in the 20th century, there have been loads of sub genres of this popular form of music – Dixieland (from New Orleans), bebop (came a bit later in the 1940’s) free jazz throughout the 50’s and 60’s, jazz fusion in the 70’s and the acid jazz of the 80’s. The influence of jazz music does not stand still for a minute.

Representative Jazz Musicians

The first piece of jazz music to come off the printing press was the “Jelly Roll Blues” in 1915, the music of “Jelly Roll” Fred Morton.  Louis Armstrong was one of the first to really bring jazz music to the rest of the world, along with people like Cab Calloway and Nat King Cole. These days there are plenty of modern musicians keeping jazz music alive . . . does the name Michael Buble ring any bells?


Keeping jazz alive and bringing it to a whole new generation.

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