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Acid Jazz

Gilles Peterson performing in 2004
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What is Acid Jazz Music

Acid Jazz Music first appeared in the UK during the 1980’s and 90’s. This musical genre is a combination of funk, jazz and hip-hop with particularly looped beats. It also shows some influence from house, soul, acid rock and even disco.  Although it’s often associated with DJ’s cutting and scratching the sound electronically, you can also have acid jazz music played live. The whole movement of acid jazz has been credited with helping the revival of soul jazz, jazz fusion or jazz-funk with popular DJ’s like Gilles Peterson (who apparently came up with the term “acid jazz”) and Norman Jay being particularly associated with it.

Representative Acid Jazz Musicians

Acid Jazz Musicians who do incorporate this music into their live performances include Jamiroquai and Los Amigos Invisibles. Acid Jazz groups which have since emerged in the United States are Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Liquid Soul and Groove Collective, as well as the Jungle Brothers and Black Sheep.

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