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Dizzy Gillespie was one of the early influence...
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What is Bebop Music

Bebop music, or just plain old “bop” if you prefer, is a style of jazz music which is characterized by a really quick tempo, lots of instrumentation and improvisation, all based on a combination of melody and harmonic structure. First developing in the mid 1940’s, (around the time that America got involved in the Second World War) it became synonymous with modern jazz, with both types reaching maybe a prematurity maturity during the 1960’s.  Bebop is a funny word, which is generally associated with the scat vocals and the nonsensical lyrics sung by many jazz singers (saves learning the words I suppose).  Bebop bands were usually a combination of the classic jazz instruments – trumpet, sax, bass, piano and drums.

Representative Bebop Musicians

Bebop music was said to originate from a recording by Coleman Hawkins in 1939, of “Body and Soul” which was pretty popular at the time, and, more importantly, a big influence on many of the bebop jazz musicians which followed. Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie and Bud Powell springing immediately to mind.

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