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What is Cool Jazz Music

Cool Jazz Music? But all Jazz music is cool, I hear you cry! Yes, well, Cool Jazz Music is even cooler than cool, it’s positively chilled. Cool Jazz is a distinctive style of jazz which emerged around about the time of the Second World War.¬† What happened was, loads of white Californian¬†jazz musicians landed in New York, where they met and mixed with the predominantly black bebop musicians and were instantly impressed by the smoothness of the style, in particular of saxophonist Lester Young. Anyway, one thing led to another (like it does) and pretty soon Cool Jazz music was born, so called because it had none of the more aggressive bebop tempos. Although Cool Jazz music does sometimes include improvisation, generally they’re thoroughly composed. Oh and by the way, this might not seem fair but although it originated from New York, pretty soon it became identified more strongly with the Western Coast jazz.

Representative Cool Jazz Musicians

Cool Jazz was the product of many different musicians and arrangers. Gerry Mulligan and Gil Evans initially developed a few ideas whilst working with the Claude Thornhill Orchestra, using instruments like the tuba and the french horn which simply weren’t associated with the jazz music of the time. Pianist Lennie Tristano and saxophonist Lee Konitz also had a hand in developing the Cool Jazz music style.

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