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Crossover Jazz

What is Crossover Jazz Music

Crossover Jazz Music was a kind of method of trying to keep jazz music alive during it’s decline in the middle of the 1970’s. Some jazz musicians made a concerted effort to reach a wider audience by incorporating other popular sounds into their music, which was to become known as crossover jazz.  Some jazz musicians incorporated elements of R&B and funk music, whilst others went for a more jazz/soul/pop type of mixture. Crossover jazz did try to retain much of the improvisation which is so synonymous with the musical style, although it was necessarily made to be more commercially marketable.

Representative Crossover Jazz Musicians

Crossover Jazz Musicians which really were at the forefront of keeping jazz alive with crossover jazz  include  notable saxophonist Grover Washington Jr, as well as Al Jarreau , The Rippingtons and Spyro Gyra (they went for the more latin american theme with electronic keyboards thrown in for good measure). Jamie Cullum is one of the most recent crossover jazz musicians who has enjoyed a large amount of  mainstream commercial success.

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