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Jazz Funk

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What is Jazz Funk Music

Jazz Funk Music is a great combination, a sub-genre of jazz music it has a characteristic strong back beat or “groove”, with electrified sounds, often emanating from the use of early electronic analog synthesizers. This whole genre is a combination of R&B, funk and soul all mixed up with a little jazz and there is a wide range of sounds, all coming under the label of “Jazz Funk”.  Although primarily originating from the United States in the 1970’s and 80’s, the UK also had quite a jazz funk scene going in the 1970’s.  Not to be confused with Soul Jazz or Jazz Fusion, Jazz Funk has a whole lot more improvisation and less vocals going on, with a strong feeling of R&B and groove. Get into the groove.

Representative Jazz Funk Musicians

Jazz Funk Musicians of note include the legendary Herbie Hancock, one of the first to create music described as jazz funk, as well as Clyde Stubblefield and who were James Brown’s drummers, and for many spearheaded the whole Jazz Funk musical campaign.  The Mizell Brothers were also pretty popular, as well as British jazz-funk bands like Heatwave, Level 42, Shakatak and Hue and Cry.

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