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Latin Jazz

Bossa Clave
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What is Latin Jazz Music

Latin Jazz Music is jazz music which has a Latin American flavor – it’s all in the rhythm. There are three main categories of Latin Jazz music – Brazilian (including the Bossa Nova), Cuban (which includes fusions and influences between American jazz and the music of Cuba), and Puerto Rican Jazz (thought up by William Cepeda as a means of celebrating Puerto Rican heritage and their original African roots, with a little jazz and hip thrown in for good measure). Latin jazz has more of a straight rhythm rather than the traditional jazz swung rhythm. It can be played in small ensembles (sounds cosy that doesn’t it) or in big bands, with many of the musicians enjoying their own improvised solo piece.

Representative Latin Jazz Musicians

Latin Jazz Musicians includes many of the names which are associated with the many other types of jazz – Dizzie Gillespie, Stan Kenton with Pete Rugolo, and Brazilians musicians such as Antonio Carlos Jobim and Joao Gilberto and American Stan Getz.

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