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Modern Folk

Poi Dog Pondering- Charlette Wortham

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What is Modern Folk Music

Modern Folk Music is the folk music of these times. Of course, there are many different types of folk music each originating from local areas and people . . . Scottish folk music, Irish folk music, Viking folk music . . . and many other types of music have mixed in with the Folky sound to create genres like folk metal.  Modern folk music is really influenced by both traditional folk and punk, with many folk artists blending the rawness of punk with acoustic and electric guitars yet maintaining folk orientated lyrics.

Representative Modern Folk Musicians

The list of  key artists of the modern folk music movement really needs to include people like Bruce Cockburn and Ani DiFranco. Poi Dog Pondering can also not be forgotten, this ever evolving bunch of modern folk musicians once had an incredible 10 members. They come, they go, they come back again . . .  Let’s not forget probably one of the most well known of these modern folk musicians on the world stage – Tracy Chapman.

She’s great isn’t she?

Yes, we all know it don’t we? Takes you back . . . great stuff.

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