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Glee is an American musical comedy drama TV show, set in an American high school, more specifically about the Glee Club. Glee has only been around for a couple of years, the first season aired in 2009 and boy did it make an impact. During the first season Glee was nominated for an incredible nineteen Emmy Awards, plus four Golden Globe Awards, Satellite Awards and tons of other awards which are just far too numerous to mention. Anyway, need I say that it was very well received, it was even chosen by Fox to fill that coveted prime time TV spot following the coverage of Super Bowl XLV in July 2011 – you know you’ve made it when they do things like that!

Musically too, Glee has been an incredible commercial success – songs which have been covered during the show are then released through the iTunes Store, there’s been more than thirty-six million digital sales to date, add to that the sell out world concerts, DVD’s, Blu-Ray releases, an iPad application, Glee Wii karaoke games . . . the success just goes on and on and on . . .

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