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The X Factor (Australia)

The X Factor (Australia) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

X Factor – do you have it? Well, if you do . . . and a whole panel of judges plus the entire nation agree with you . . . then you might just be on target to become a global superstar. However, many people who believe that they have the “X Factor” are . . . to put it mildly . . .  delusional – I blame their mothers!

X Factor originally aired on British TV in 2004 and has since been sold as a franchise around the world (including the US of courses). It’s a TV reality singing competition in which wannabe’s compete through five rounds to be ultimately crowned the X Factor champion of their year, with a hefty prize and record contract thrown in.

  • Producers auditions come first – to see if you have enough X Factor to sing for the judges
  • Judges auditions come next – to see if they like you (if they don’t they can be pretty brutal)
  • Bootcamp comes next – (sounds vicious, and sometimes it is)

The remaining contestants are split into groups – male singers, female singers, singers over a certain age, group singers etc and each assigned their very own judge

  • Judges houses – the judges now decide which singers have made it to the live auditions
  • Live shows – where they are gradually whittled down by the public vote until only the X Factor champion remains.

Interestingly enough, you don’t have to actually win the X-Factor to become a global superstar, you may have heard of a bunch of boys named “One Direction” – well, they actually came third in X-Factor UK 2010, behind Matt Cardle . . . Matt who? Yep!

Either you have the X Factor, or you don’t . . . These boys must have something!

Wanna’ find out if you have the X Factor?

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