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Rhythm & Blues

Carl Perkins on Ozark Jubilee

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What is Rhythm & Blues Music

Rhythm & Blues . . . or R&B originated in the 1940’s among the African Americans and their musical influences. Although the term was originally used to describe the recordings of urban African Americans, later on in the 50’s it was borrowed to apply to blues records, the early days of rock ‘n roll. These days R&B can mean anything from soul to funk, with contemporary R&B being one of the latest sub genres of the music.

Representative Rhythm & Blues Musicians

Way back in 1948 the term was used to describe black music, and in that same year Louis Jordan was pretty much top of the R&B charts with a whole string of songs with a boogie woogie feel.  The following year it was the turn of Paul Williams and “The Huckle-buck” to top the charts, for almost the entire year!  During the late 1950’s artists like Carl Perkins were recording such classic hits as “Blue Suede Shoes” which proved a great hit with R&B lovers, and Elvis himself had a couple of hits in the R&B charts with “All  Shook Up” and “Jailhouse Rock”. I know that you wouldn’t necessarily pigeon hole those songs as R&B these days, but in case you hadn’t noticed, musical styles all mix gloriously together and know no boundaries.  The late great Robert Palmer was another remarkable artist who brought R&B music to a worldwide audience.

I know it sounded differently a bit later, but that’s the original . . . a-ma-zing!

Don’t you just hate namedroppers! Paul McCartney . . . pah! Great music though.

Absolutely fantastic. Great song, great video, great guy . . .

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