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What is Alternative Rock Music?

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Alternative Rock Music  is a type of music which first emerged in the 1980’s but widely increased in popularity throughout the 1990’s.  It’s really covers the subgenres which have emerged from independent music from the 1980’s – gothic rock, Britpop, and indie pop being some examples. It can also be used to describe the rock music of the 1980’s which were from the underground artists, including anything which emerged from punk rock – New Wave, post punk etc. 

Representative Alternative Rock Musicians  

Alternative Rock Musicians which really achieved early commercial success were groups such as The Cure and R.E.M. although there was also a whole load of cult acts which recorded their music on independent labels and were only really known by word of mouth and air-play on college radio. The huge success of one of these groups, Nirvana paved the way for many more to enter into the world of mainstream, commercially successful music.

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