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What is Britpop Music?

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Britpop Music emerged in Britain during the early 1990’s largely from the independent music scene, and has been likened to the British pop┬ámusic of the 1960’s and 1970’s with lots of guitar playing. It really developed as a direct reaction to the way that music was going across the water in the US, particularly against the grunge phenomenon which was happening about then. It was also responding to the dance and pop music which was dominating the charts. It was about returning to live music where the members of the band actually played instruments and made their own music.

Representative Britpop Musicians

Britpop musicians and bands which were really part of the forefront of the music included bands such as Blur and Suede, but these were soon joined by the Gallagher brothers in Oasis (possibly one of the most well known Britpop bands, known for their arguing almost as much as their music) as well as Pulp and Supergrass. Many of these bands did find commercial success across the water in the US.

The one and only Mr Jarvis Cocker – enjoy!

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