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What is Post-Britpop Music?

Radiohead live at Portugal
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Post-Britpop music as you would imagine, emerged from the Britpop bands of the 1990’s and was heavily influenced by Blur, Oasis, Pulp, that sort of stuff but they were less bothered about the lyrics of the songs and were a bit more influenced by American rock and post-grunge types of music. Late in the 1990’s the whole Britpop era started to dissolve a little which made way for bands who were still influenced by that music but shied away from the Britpop labels – they tried to make out that they were a little more different than they actually were really. They ended up with a kind of mixture of old British rock (Beatles, Rolling Stones etc) with a little bit of American post-grunge influence thrown in for good measure.

Representative Post-Britpop Musicians

Post-Britpop musicians which achieved commercial success in this era include Radiohead and The Verve. They were actually around in the mid 1990’s but not really a part of the Britpop movement, so once the Britpop scene started to decline they were able to move more to the forefront and gain in popularity.


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