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What is Grunge Music?

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Grunge Music is also known as the “Seattle Sound” which gives you some idea of where it originated from, the state of Washington and in particular, Seattle. It was kind of inspired by different genres of music (as all music is) including heavy metal, indie rock and hardcore punk, which emerged into a sound characterized by loads of distorted electric guitars and angry song lyrics. Lots of the grunge¬†musicians were renowned for their unkempt appearance and distaste of theatrics. It was certainly more stripped bare than many other forms of rock music, they were disenchanted with society and didn’t care who knew it.

Representative Grunge Musicians

Grunge Musicians which really epitomize this movement include Soundgarden, who although they were formed in Seattle in1984 didn’t actually gain recognition until the 1990’s when other grunge influenced bands such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam had plunged grunge firmly into the recognition of mainstream music. Another group which wasn’t actually from Seattle but still had a big impact on the grunge music scene was Stone Temple Pilots, arguably one of the most popular alternative bands of the early 1990’s.

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