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What is Post-Grunge Music?

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Post-Grunge Music is what came after grunge, not surprisingly. It kind of had the same sounds and aesthetics of grungeĀ (they still made the same fashion statements) but were more commercially acceptable in their tone. Many post-grunge bands actually went on to be the most successful bands of the late 90’s and into theĀ early 2000’s. The death of Nirvana’s front man Kurt Cobain in 1994 had a big impact on grunge which soon began to slide into decline, but the major record labels became interested in other bands which were following the same type of pattern, the post-grungers. They were altogether a more radio friendly and commercially viable bunch (and record labels like that!)

Representative Post-Grunge Musicians

Post-Grunge Musicians which made a big impact were largely lead, quite rightly so, by Dave Grohl (the former drummer in Nirvana) and his new band The Foo Fighters. They really helped to identify post-grunge music and went on to become one of the most successful rock groups in the US from a commercial viewpoint. Other groups like Candlebox from Seattle (naturally) and even Alanis Morisette, an already well known female vocal artist had her 1995 album Jagged Little Pill classified as post-grunge.

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