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What is Indie Pop Music?

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Indie Pop Music kind of filled in the gap left by the punk rock explosion. Originating in mid 1980’s UK, it has its roots firmly embedded in the Scottish post punk era with bands such as Orange Juice and Aztec Camera.  It is characaterized musically by jangling guitars with a kind of sixties pop feeling and innocent lyrics. Thought by many in the late 1980’s to be far too “twee” it is now highly regarded as a pivotal point in the history of UK independent music.

Representative Indie Pop Musicians

Indie Pop Musicians which really helped to cement this genre of music include such groups as Aztec Camera and Orange Juice (as mentioned above) as well as The Field Mice from South London, but later bands also achieved immense popularity with indie pop music – Arctic Monkeys is a great example as well as much later the likes of Florence and the Machine.

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