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What is Indie Rock Music?

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Indie Rock Music is not only a genre of rock music, but also the way in which that music is produced – independently. It originated in the UK and US in the 1980’s and kind of grew out of earlier genres like post-punk, new wave and alternative rock. Indie rock music is produced by artists who don’t want to become part of the massive record label circus, but want to retain more control over their own¬†music and careers (no room for Simon Cowell here then). They have historically relied heavily on touring, word of mouth and airplay over college radio for their following, although the internet has brought many of them to more mainstream attention – and guess what, some of them have even signed to major record labels! Indie rock as a genre is therefore getting pretty blurred really.

Representative Indie Rock Musicians

Indie Rock Musicians in the UK can kind of be defined by such groups as Happy Mondays, The Stone Roses and Siouxsie and the Banshees, along with one of the most successful of the era, The Smiths. The more distorted and heavy abrasive sounds associated with indie rock in the US is largely down to groups such as Sonic Youth and The Replacements.

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