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What is Madchester Music?

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Madchester Music originates not surprisingly from Manchester in England, sometime towards the end of the 1980’s and beginning of the 1990’s. These things never have a real definitive date you know, well, the term Madchester might have, but the music certainly doesn’t. It kind of mixed other music of its time, psychedelic rock, indie rock and dance music and is heavily associated with a night club in Manchester called The Hacienda (the brainchild of Factory Records – the label which was also influential in developing the popular Manchester culture) which is largely thought to haveĀ attributed to the distinctive ethos of this music.

Representative Madchester Musicians

Madchester Musicians were generally already playing on the Manchester scene before Madchester arrived. People like Ian Brown and John Squire had been in bands together since 1979, but it’s when they formed Stone Roses in 1984 that they were signed to Factory records and became successful. Other bands of the era include the Happy Mondays from nearby Salford and James who went on to record “Sit Down” a very popular anthem of the era and often heard being murdered in Karaoke bars to this very day.

Who could resist an offer like that? Go on, sit down!

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