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What is Post-Rock Music? 



Stereolab live in concert.
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Post-Rock Music can really be described as music which uses the same instruments as rock music, but uses rhythms, melodies and harmonies instead of just loud noise. Much of their stuff is actually instrumental and there are many different styles which can all be headed under the umbrella of post-rock music. It kind of developed alongside indie rock during the 1980’s and 90’s, but really bears little resemblance to it.

Representative Post-Rock Musicians

Post-Rock Musicians as I’ve already said, don’t really follow any pattern but according to the NME, one of the first pioneers of this genre was British band Public Image Ltd (PiL) which progressively moved away from traditional rock at the end of the 70’s and their subsequent albums became more and more radical.  Influential post-rock bands which followed in the 90’s include names such as StereoLab and Moonshake. How on earth do they come up with these names?

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