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What is Shoegazing Music?

my bloody valentine
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Shoegazing Music was another sub genre of alternative rock to emerge in the UK during the 1980’s. In the beginning, so they say, was My Bloody Valentine in 1988. The style of music drew on the sounds of the synth pop and new wave artists, as well as glam rock and electronica, in fact, even artists like Davie Bowie and Roxy Music have been cited as influencing the early shoegazers, so named because they don’t move around much and look at their shoes a lot – personally I’ve never trusted anyone who doesn’t look you in the eye when they’re talking/singing to you but hey, that’s just me.¬†Look at me when I’m talking to you!

Representative Shoegazing Musicians

Shoegazing Musicians often played live drums which was pretty unusual for the other genres of the time, there was a lot of drum machines going on, anyway people like Chris Acland of Rush and Chris Cooper of Pale Saints were real, live drummers. The major bands of the genre were My Bloody Valentine (see above) as well as others like Cocteau Twins and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

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