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What is Blues-Rock Music?

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Blues-Rock Music like many other music genres of the 20th century is a hybrid of many different styles – it takes the improvisation found in Blues, adds just a touch of 12-bar blues and mixes it all up together with a little bit of rock and roll and boogie music. Known in the 1960’s as rhythm & blues played by European white folks. Originally developed in the mid 1960’s, many bands of the era experimented with these sounds, and by the 70’s it was becoming almost indistinguishable from hard rock. Some of the blues-rock acts of the time have returned to their original bluesy roots like the Fabulous Thunderbirds.

Representative Blues-Rock Musicians

Blues-Rock Musicians are pretty difficult to distinguish, as I’ve already said that many of the UK bands of the 1960’s kind of flirted with the sound, some of them extremely successfully – we’re talking massive bands like The Rolling Stones and The Who, Fleetwood Mac and The Animals, not forgetting the incredible Eric Clapton with Cream. It’s a bit like a “who’s who” of the 1960’s really isn’t it?

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