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What is Chinese Rock Music?

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Chinese Rock Music was born in Beijing, the capital of China during the 1980’s, although it survived predominantly through live music in hotels and small bars around the city.  Chinese rock and roll music is pretty modern and doesn’t necessarily involve any of the traditional chinese instruments (although it might!) It can also be called Cantorock or Mandorock, depending on which chinese language is used for the song. This whole new style of Chinese rock music was really borne from two songs which kind of drew from the traditional folk music of northern Shaanxi Province in the northwest and a faster, western style tempo with aggressive bass lines and a good strong beat. Rather than the traditional mellow chinese style of singing they were sung with much more force and volume!

Representative Chinese Rock Musicians

Chinese Rock Musicians which have really helped to cement this whole genre of music must start with Cui Jian, recognised by many as the father of Chinese Rock. His first Chinese rock song (see above) “Nothing To My Name” was right at the beginning of the developing new ethos in China in 1984, and was adopted during the student protests of Tiananmen Square in 1989.  Probably the famous of the chinese rock bands is Black Panther which had Dou Wei as its original frontman, an alternative music pioneer in China.

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