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Dark Cabaret

What is Dark Cabaret Music?

A Dark Cabaret
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Dark Cabaret Music is really a way to describe the mood or theme of cabaret music, (not playing without the lights on!) It has more recently been associated with a particular musical genre which involves Vaudeville and burlesque type shows, the kind of punk and goth music which has emerged since the 1970’s. Over the generations cabaret has often dealt with, shall we say, themes of a disturbing nature, and dark cabaret is really the epitome of this.

Representative Dark Cabaret Musicians

Dark Cabaret Musicians have come from many different musical genres, after all, it’s more of a style than a specific musical type. One of the first bands which performed what could be described as almost exclusively dark cabaret style music was The Tiger Lillies, which were formed in 1989 in London. Their songs were all about prostitution, bestiality and blasphemy, pretty dark topics I’m sure you’ll agree. Another London band which emerged at around the same time was Kit and the Widow.  Other bands of the time such as Siouxsie and the Banshees also released songs which could be described as “dark cabaret”, namely Peek-a-Boo.

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