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Desert Rock

What is Desert Rock Music?

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Desert Rock Music is yet another one of those music genres which is very similar, but not identical to others, not surprisingly it has very much the same roots as stoner rock. Desert rock music actually sounds like the desert, it has a characteristic windswept sound incorporating lots of wah-wah and acoustic instrumentation. It sounds pretty spaced out, with definite psychedelic vibes, and you won’t be surprisedto hear that it was heavily influenced by people being spaced out on one thing or another, marijuana influenced jamming sessions in the desert no doubt with a side order of magic mushrooms.

Representative Desert Rock Musicians

Desert Rock Musicians are part of a group of musicians and bands, very closely related and all from Southern California’s Palm Desert. Their sound is pretty hard rock with blues, metal, hardcore and psychedelia overtones. Yawning Man is regarded by many to be one of the foundation stones of the desert rock scene, as well as Josh Homme and the  Queens of Stone Age and of course, Kyuss (more notably a stone rocker).

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