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What is Folk Rock Music?

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Folk Rock Music, as you might expect, combines the very best of folk and rock music, all mixed up together in one great sound. TheĀ genre first appearedĀ in the 1960’s both in the US and UK, kind of simultaneously which was pretty unusual. Anyway, The Byrds from Los Angeles played more or less traditional folk music, and then the legend that is Bob Dylan began to write similar stuff but with a much more “rock music” feel to it, this style being influenced by many British bands of the times, including The Beatles. This musical genre has clean, clear vocal harmonies (none of that mumbling stuff) and although electric instruments were used, mainly guitars, the sounds were not distorted as they were in some other musical genres.

Representative Folk Rock Musicians

Folk Rock Musicians mentioned above played a huge part in the birth of Folk Rock music, but as well as Dylan, The Byrds and The Beatles we mustn’t forget other great influential bands of the time such as The Animals and The Beach Boys, who although they can’t be strictly classed as a Folk Rock group they certainly had a lot of influence over the genre, particularly their version of the West Indian folk song “Sloop John B”.

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