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What is Garage Rock Music?

The Outcasts (garage rock band)
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Garage Rock Music developed during 1960’s America and Canada and is really rock and roll in its rawest form.  It’s been likened to punk rock, garage punk and protopunk, but the distinctive style of garage rock music is, well, it’s distinctive. The term garage rock doesn’t come from the fact that it might sound like it’s coming from tools and gas pumps (like industrial rock) but more from the fact that it was generally amateur musicians and spotty faced teenagers who developed the whole musical genre in their family garages. There was lots of high school lyrics which were delivered altogether much more aggressively than the usual styles of the era, shouting and growling, maybe they couldn’t actually sing that well? Although the movement started off very amateurish and somewhat naively, some garage rock music did enjoy commercial success.

Representative Garage Rock Musicians

Garage Rock Musicians were, as we’ve already said, largely a naive bunch of high school drop-outs, but during the 1960’s some of them did go on to achieve national success. We’re talking bands like The Beau Brummels, The D Men, The Sonics,  Shadows of the Knight and The Music Explosion. Listen to some of these, you’ll like them.

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