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What is Hard Rock Music?

Led Zeppelin, January 1975, Chicago
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Hard Rock Music is probably best defined as LOUD and aggressive, with distorted electric guitars, drums and bass, often with a little piano keyboards thrown in for good measure. Long guitar or drum solos often feature and vocals growl, wail or scream at you, sometimes pretty high, even falsetto. Developing in the mid 1960’s from blues rock, psychedelic rock and garage rock (to name but a few) it really became widely popular during the early 1970′ s with groups like Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin and then kind of peaked even more in the ’80’s. It was pretty prominent on both sides of the Atlantic with The Kinks, The Who and The Rolling Stones all releasing successful hard rock music.

Representative Hard Rock Musicians

Hard Rock Musicians who really were in the at the beginning of hard rock include early Kinks, Who and Rolling Stones, as well the Kingsmen who released their version of Louie Louie in 1963. Groups emerged in America from the Psychedelic rock scene including Vanilla Fudge and Blue Cheer. Let’s not forget the 1968 release by Steppenwolf of “Born to be Wild” which really brought the style to the forefront of popularity when it was used in the 1969 film Easy Rider.

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