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What is Heavy Metal Music?

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Heavy Metal Music (often simply “metal”) is another genre of rock music which kind of emerged between the lates 1960’s and early 1970’s in the US and the UK. It is another LOUD type of music, a thick sound with highly amplified and distorted guitar solos, it is a real kind of “macho” music and is associated with masculinity. A heavy metal band typically includes a rhythm guitar, bass, lead guitar and drums, along with a singer who may or may not play an instrument – alternatively jumping around on stage, shouting and swinging a mic stand. Keyboards are sometimes included adding a really full sound to the whole proceedings. Image also played an important part for the heavy metal bands, groups like Kiss and Alice Cooper were pretty outrageous, although the more general “uniform” if you like for a heavy metal band was blue jeans, leather jackets, black leather boots and a t-shirt emprinted with some message or another. Oh, and don’t forget the greasy long hair, that’s very important.

Representative Heavy Metal Musicians

Heavy Metal Musicians which really helped to shape the whole metal scene were bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin (yes, lots of these bands are included in lots of musical genres). Iron Maiden and Motorhead soon followed, and pretty soon a large percentage of the teenage population were regularly head banging their weekends away, and waking with a pretty stiff neck the following morning!

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