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What is Black Metal Music?

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Black Metal Music is a kind of subgenre of heavy metal music on speed – as if heavy metal wasn’t loud and crazy enough. Quick tempos, shrieking and screeching vocals with heavily distorted electric guitars playing at ear drum piercing volume – you get the picture? The prototype of the sound was first born in 1980’s by some thrash metal bands, but early in the 1990’s another bunch of black metal bands emerged, mainly from Norway for some reason, must be all that snow. It’s never really been accepted into main stream culture, partly because of the sound and partly because some black metal musicians have been allegedly associated with burning churches (christianity is a major target in many of the song vocals) and murdering people – not very nice that is it? Not surprisingly the band members are generally dressed in black with bullet belts, big boots and spiked chokers and wrist bands, sometimes doused in animal blood – this is definitely not music for the faint hearted.

Representative Black Metal Musicians

Black Metal Musicians don’t often play in concerts like other music genres but those that do make use of extremely macabre theatrical props. Controversial shows are kind of the trade mark of Gorgoroth and Mayhem. Swedish band Bathory was also a major influence on the black metal music movement.

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