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What is Death Metal Music?

Heretic (Morbid Angel album)
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Death Metal Music is yet another sub genre of heavy metal which emerged during the middle of the 1980’s. It has characteristic heavily distorted electric guitars, deep grunting and growling vocals and tremolo picking, along with plenty of crashing blast beat drumming and quick changes of tempo. It kind of grew out of and alongside early black metal and thrash metal. Each band generally consists of two guitars, one bass, a drummer and a vocalist with other things like electronic keyboards occasionally thrown in for good measure. The vocals is generally made up of grunts, snarls, guttural roars and gurgles known as “death growls”. Typical song topics include satanism, anti-religion and occultism as well as other extreme acts such as rape, mutilation, torture, dissection and even necrophilia.

Representative Death Metal Musicians

Death Metal Musician Chuck Schuldiner is known as the “father of death metal” – he was the frontman with the group Death, but other bands such as Morbid Angel, Obituary and Possessed were also there pretty much at the beginning of the emergence of the death metal scene. Not surprisingly it has never really been accepted into popular mainstream music.

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