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Melodic Death Metal

What is Melodic Death Metal Music?

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Melodic Death Metal Music is a genre of death metal music which could really be accredited to the influences of Scandinavian death metal, thought by many to be its fore-runner. Also called “melodeath” it is anything but “mellow”. It is basically heavy metal music with a side order of death metal stuff – the growling vocals for one thing. Songs though are a little more harmonic than the death metal death grunts, the growls are often pitched just that little bit higher. 

Representative Melodic Death Metal Musicians

Melodic Death Metal Musicians can also be found in other sub-genres of the heavy metal scene. Basically there are many genres and sub-genres around this area, and many bands find themselves in multiple groups – largely based on interpretation and personal opinion. Having said that the group Carcass has often been recognized as the fore-runner of melodic death metal music, closely followed by many of the Swedish bands – At the Gates, Tranquility and In Flames – although they are also known as the Gothenburg metal sound.

See what you think,  “melodic” is not necessarily a word I would choose to describe it, how about you?

Is it just me or do they all sound remarkably similar?

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